When building, it is a good idea to have staged inspections performed during the construction. This ensures that your builder adheres to building codes and standards. Thus securing a higher quality product. A comprehensive inspection performed at handover by an independent inspector is essential.

Progress Inspections for New Houses

Progress inspections are important at various stages of the build. This ensures that your builder is adhering to the building code, and that the quality of the work is of an acceptable standard. For the typical brick veneer house, three inspections are common:

  1. When all framing has been completed and windows are fixed. This gives the inspector the best opportunity to check for any defects within the framing. In particular, roof tie-downs, bottom plate fixings, the correct bracing of wall frames and adequate window clearances.
  2. An intermediate inspection to checks roof-fixing, masonry walls, interior wall linings and wet-area preparation. Correct application of damp proof membranes is very important as 85% of builder call backs are due to leaks in wet areas.
  3. A final hand-over inspection to check all plumbing fixtures, fittings, doors and second fix carpentry, paint, paving and general finish. For the final hand-over inspection, the building supervisor responsible for the house and the client should also attend.

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