We strongly recommend a Pest Inspection before the finalised purchase of your property, combine this with a Building Inspection in a convenient single visit.

Our visual Pest Inspection and Report are in accordance with Australian Standard (AS 4349.3). The Pest Inspection report will identify any areas of concern including conducive conditions that can attract termites.

The inspection is essentially a visual inspection of the readily accessible areas & timbers (all buildings and relevant structures on the site to at least 30m) supplemented with the use of limited non-visual techniques e.g. sounding procedures and the use of a moisture meter.

Moisture meters detect moisture in walls, etc. They do not indicate the cause of the problem, however, the cause of the moisture may be a consequence of termite activity.

Our Pest Inspection Report Covers:

  • Structural Timbers – subfloor, floor, walls, stairs, ceilings, roofing, etc.
  • Joinery and decorative timbers – skirtings, architraves, doors, door frames, window frames, cupboards, etc.
  • Ancillary structures – built-in cupboards & furniture.
  • Attachments and outbuildings – garages, carports, pergolas, patios, verandas, sheds, side gates etc.
  • Garden timbers – landscaping timbers, fences.
  • Standing timbers – trees and stumps.
  • Presence of excessive moisture – in building elements.

What are termites?

Termites are insects that build large nests in soil or wood and can occasionally cause damage to wooden structures. They are often called ‘white ants’. Termites are a natural part of the Australian landscape and can become problematic when they are close to your house.

Termites live on cellulose which is found in timber products and require moisture to survive. There are many simple things that you can do around your home to deter termites such as:

  • Increasing the sub-floor ventilation.
  • Fixing any leaks or drainage problems, inside and out.
  • Ensuring that all stormwater is running away from the house.
  • Consider removing garden beds that are adjacent to the house.
  • Do not stack timber under or alongside the house.
  • Remove dead trees and stumps.

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